Adult Summer Camp

Living on the farm often reminds me of summer camp. You are thrown into a group of strangers, you work eat and sleep in the same house, and you hope that you chose a camp that matches your personality and everyone will get along well. You form bonds with people way faster than anywhere else because you spend all your time together. In the real world, this is how I refer to it because all of this does seem like a problem free dream world. It takes ages to become good friends with someone, but when you share everything you can have a new best friend in two days. I even made friendship bracelets.

Not the best picture, but this is my summercamp family


 This got me thinking, why is there no such thing? Actual summer camp for adults. A quick look on Google has expanded my mind again and shown me that there are in fact loads. I could not find one in Belgium so far, but there is a vast amount of adult summer camps around. I have to admit I was slightly scared of looking up the term “adult summer camp” seeing as searching “adult” anything tends to have some different connotations.


My first thought was that this kind of summer camp would probably not be like the ones I remember from my childhood. Or like the one from the movie “The Parent Trap”, which just seemed like the coolest summer camp of all time. A lot of my childhood was spent envious of Lindsay Lohan that she got to be there. I figured there would be grown up activities, like cooking and learning French.


But no, I have found something that, to me, seems like one of the best things ever: Camp Grounded. A summer camp in the US with actual good old times activities. There’s origami. ORIGAMI CAMP. I wish there was an extra caps lock for just those words. I could go on about this but they have a pretty great website themselves and I would not do it enough justice, so please do check it out yourselves and I hope you will be as excited as I am.

Only one thing that makes me sad, there are no glowsticks allowed. I love glowsticks and I don’t get why anyone would want to take them away from me, but then again, ORIGAMI.


There are loads more summer camps out there and I would love to go through all of them, so please do let us know if you find an interesting one. I can’t go on any further at the moment, I have a game of hide and seek to play.



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