How not to look shitty

Dear Rosalie,

I’m dedicating this blog message to you! Of course i don’t think you look shitty. But here are some tips to look your best upon your return! This post is also for all you monkeys out there who need so me insane beauty tips!

The internet is a great source for tips and tricks. There are so many tutorials and other beauty blogs out there. You will find inspiration for any look. Below some of my favourite  tutorials to look like your favourite celebrity!

tumblr_naby7q0zbB1qewacoo9_500 wpid-wp-1408479922500

How to cover those dark circles below your eyes after yet another heavy night of partying? Or the baby that wouldn’t go to sleep. When i was younger i never had these but age and parties have taken their toll on my eyes.  This trick for sure will people not notice those dark cycles any more!


Wanted a helping hand for keeping a young face and scare any possible intruders away. Kill 2 birds in one stone with this mask!


My most recent rejuvenation trick  for looking 10 years younger in just under 1 hour! Get braces!

Before                           &                After


I hope these tips will help you. Please let us know your favourite beauty tip by commenting! Looking forward to our monkeys answers. But remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

iphone 938



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