I look shitty today

My lovely monkeys,

I have news for you. I look shitty. No seriously, terrible. And you know what, I love it. I am not talking about the lazy Sunday morning, “I am not going to see anyone so it I am just keeping my sweatpants on” kind if shitty. No, I haven’t looked in the mirror to check if my trousers match my shirt in weeks.
I used to work in a store, so it was always important to look good, I couldn’t wander about with last nights make-up on, I had to keep up the good name of the brand we were selling. Going out, all my friends would look good, I was not going to be the only one not trying. Even when I was packing my bags to leave I was worried that I did not have enough space in my backpack to take all my pretty clothes. only enough room for four pairs of shoes? Torture! I will need this dress, I might want to look good sometimes!

That dress was put in to the back of my cupboard, and it is still there. the only thing I think about in the mornings is whether or not I will need an extra jumper because I might be cold. There are 10 other people living in this house, not once has anyone either looked good, or giving someone else a bad look because they didn’t, and it’s unbelievable how good that feels. People have greasy hair, stained shirts and holes in their jeans, you could smell bad and no one would care as long as they are not put off their dinner. IMG_5052

Now I know, as soon as I go back home, this will all change, I will put on make up and perfume , the dress will come out of the cupboard, probably because it is the only thing i know by now that does not have some unidentifiable stain, and I will care again. That’s ok though, I don’t mind, but for now, i hope you don’t mind that my greasy hair is pulled back, and will happily get in to my comfy pants and fleece jumper. Which I have been wearing all week.


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