England must truly be that land far, far away you always hear about in fairy tales, I see no other explanation for why they have the biggest fruit and vegetables I have ever seen. Ok, it rains a lot, but that just seems to boring a reason. The first day I was here I saw a bean that actually made my jaw drop, and I don’t know about you guys, but this was certainly the first time for me that I was impressed by a bean. There was no giant beanstalk with a gold egg laying hen attached I’m afraid, but i am sure it could not have been far away. 

 You could think that ever since, I would go looking for giant food, but no, I really did just stumble upon them, quite literally once with an enormous mushroom.  Naturally, I did take pictures, usually, for the lack of something better, I used my face as a scale. Here are a few, but I am sure there are some beauties still hiding around somewhere! I will keep you posted! – Rosalie

Lotte after receiving yet another giant veggie selfie

Please click here if you are feeling bit oblivious


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